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The attorneys at the C & F Law Firm provide extensive legal services, including security documentation services and other matters involving nonbanking financial institutions in Tanzania.

The financial sector in Tanzania has boomed over the past few years, as liberalization has led to more international banks and financial institutions making their presence felt in the country.  Under Tanzania laws, a nonbanking financial institution is licensed by the Bank of Tanzania, and has authorization to conduct all financial transactions, except those involving deposits of money in a current-account and withdrawals of money by check.  The outlook for financial institutions in Tanzania is very bright because the government is considering various measures to boost lending.  In a competitive environment like this, it has become imperative that financial institutions benefit from the advantage of professional legal advice, security documentation and other financial services.

The attorneys at the C & F Law Firm provide a comprehensive package of security documentation services for non-banking financial institutions in Tanzania.  This includes drafting of all security documents and papers, including water tight security documentation, mortgage documentation, documentation for debentures and guarantee and indemnity papers.  Not only that, our attorneys will also help you register the security documents with the concerned document registries. 

You'll benefit from advice that comes from accumulated years of experience as financial services attorneys in Tanzania.  As a non-backing financial institution in Tanzania, you'll benefit from the expert financial and legal advice from our attorneys, who are recognized nationally as some of the most experienced legal teams offering security documentation services to financial institutions in Tanzania. 

Our team includes attorneys with more than 10 years of experience working as legal advisors to some of the biggest commercial banks in Tanzania, and lawyers with in-depth expertise in real estate-legal matters. Our lawyers are members of national and international legal organizations, and are often relied on by the industry for their expertise and insight into the cultural dynamics that drive business in Tanzania. 

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