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Real Estate Lawyers in Tanzania

The Real Estate Law Practice at C&F Law includes a vibrant team of attorneys with years of experience helping individual and corporate clients in Tanzania in property transfer matters.

Tanzania's burgeoning economy has created a vibrant real estate market, and this has contributed to an intense demand for high quality legal services relevant to this industry.  The real estate lawyers at C&F Law offer specialized services to help with the legal transfer of both commercial and residential property in Tanzania.

Real estate matters in Tanzania can be extremely complex.  They are expected to get more complicated now as the government considers changes in the way that the National Housing Corporation operates, in order to enable more Tanzanians to own homes.  An experienced real estate lawyer can help you overcome the legal hurdles involved with procuring property, including title and all other related matters. 

Our real estate attorneys provide valuable services that are targeted to your needs. They:

  • Provide legal real estate services for both commercial and residential property transactions;
  • Help you with drafting of transfer instruments and documents;
  • Facilitate registration of transfer through government registries;
  • Facilitate easy and quick transmission of ownership for both residential and commercial properties; and
  • Assist you with the implementation of other legal matters, such as subdivision of properties and unit titling.

C&F Law attorneys have experience representing a wide range of clients -- from small residential property owners to commercial real estate companies.  We pride ourselves on being able to identify client objectives, and clearly define the challenges in meeting these objectives.  With a clear goal in mind, our attorneys are able to use their broad ranging expertise to develop legal solutions to the real estate issues before you.

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