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Litigators for Banks, Businesses in Tanzania

The Litigation Division at C&F Law provides experienced and expert litigation services when all other means of conflict resolution have failed to show results.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the rich and complex challenges surrounding other means of conflict resolution, like expert determination and    arbitration.  In fact, our attorneys recommend expert determination and arbitration as the primary means of resolving disputes.  However, in many cases, it may not be possible to settle disputes through these two mechanisms, and in such cases, it becomes important for clients to choose experienced attorneys to represent them during the litigation process.

Our legal services begin right from the time you decide to initiate the litigation process.   The process of commercial litigation in Tanzania can be complex, although it has recently become simpler through the creation of the Commercial Division of the High Court of Tanzania.  The creation of this division has made the process of litigation quicker and more efficient.  However, litigants still continue to face challenges and an experienced attorney can help you meet these challenges effectively.

The process of property disputes adjudication has been made simpler through the creation of the Land Division of the High Court of Tanzania.  This division sees a variety of property disputes, involving residential and commercial properties.  However, in order to be able to protect your rights in commercial litigation matters, you need an attorney with proven expertise who has experience representing clients before these tribunals.  Our attorneys can also represent you in litigation matters before the Tax Appeals Board, Patent Office, Tax Appeals Tribunal and Fair Petition Tribunal.

With a combination of solid expertise and experience that stretches into several decades of representation of clients in varied industries, our attorneys are able to understand your business objectives and provide effective solutions to help you meet your business goals.

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