Attorneys with Expertise in Banking, Real Estate and Finance

C&F Law stands as an industry leader in providing legal guidance and services to banks, financial institutions and businesses operating in Tanzania.  The reason for this is simple: Our people.

The attorneys at C&F Law have extensive experience, both in the private banking sector and working with the complex web of government agencies that regulate the industry. Our senior partner brings 10 years of experience as an internal legal advisor for two of the biggest commercial banks in Tanzania.  Another senior partner has eight years of experience in real estate-related legal matters.  One of our attorneys is recognized nationally as an expert in the field of commercial and corporate law.  All of our lawyers are members of national and international legal organizations, and are often relied on by the industry for their expertise and insight into the cultural dynamics that drive business in Tanzania. 

This experience enables our firm to deliver high-quality results under tight deadlines. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations of professionalism and value.

Our Attorneys are:

C&F Law
3rd Floor, Diamond Plaza
Mirambo Street/Samora Avenue
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel No 255 22 2129621
Fax No 255 22 2129620

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